Dear Head of Facilities Maintenance:

You take a look at the inside of this plant and suddenly it hits you: you’re responsible for every square inch.

And in your day to day operations, you’ve got one major enemy. One that threatens every piece of equipment under this roof. Corrosion. But if you’ve got a tough problem, you’ve also got a trustworthy friend. Waverly Coatings. We’ve been solving corrosion problems like yours for over 60 years.

Deep Coverage means Consistent Protection. One of the major reasons coatings fail is because of unevenness of the product. Waverly Coatings are solid, through and through. You’re applying product every step of the way. Not fillers. So every inch of every piece gets the same protection every time. Less maintenance as well. Because our solid coatings mean there are no weak or uneven spots to allow corrosion to get a foothold.

Deep Coverage also means Good Looks. When the coating is this deep and consistent, it can’t help but look good.

Coatings Custom Blended for Special Applications. You never have to compromise on a product for your application. From highly acidic to near-desert environments, Waverly has custom blended coatings to meet every need.

Full Color Choices. We can match any manufacturer’s trademarked colors with our exclusive computerized MatchRight color system. You get the right color, first time, every time. And you can mix and match colors in the same shipment.

Easy Application. Waverly Coatings require no special training or equipment. Spray, roll, brush or dip, it’s as easy as load – apply.

Non Toxic. Our coatings are fully compliant with all federal and state regulations concerning worker safety and product disposal.

Can Waverly Industrial Coatings make you look good? I’d love to find out. Simply give me a call or complete the attached reply card and send it in today.


Dan Johnson,

Director, Product Development


P. S.  You can learn more about the complete line of Waverly Industrial Coatings in our new brochure. If you’d like a free copy, just fill out the attached reply card and send it to me, today. Or, for faster service, go online to www. and click “Order Brochure.”