Are these advertising copywriting mistakes costing you sales?

You’ve got a great product or service and people are willing to pay for it. But these common ad copy mistakes could be causing you to miss sales!

#1: Focusing on you instead of your prospect.

Customers don’t care about your company. Sure, you want them to care, because affinity for your brand builds customer loyalty. But up front, what they really want to know is, “can you solve my problem?” Want to lose a prospect quickly? Tell them what a great company you are.

#2: Relying on pictures to sell.

Images are important, but by themselves, they don’t sell. You need great images, but you also need copy that answers customers’ questions about what they’re looking at. They want to know how your product or service solves their problem and why your brand is better than your competitors at providing that solution. You only get those answers from clear ad copy.

#3: Writing your own advertising copy.

Anybody can write, right? Sure, most people can string a few words together. But it takes an experienced advertising copywriter to connect with your customers in ways that motivate them to act. That’s my job – to deliver copy that captures, informs and, most importantly, compels the reader to take action.

#4. Settling for “Me Too” copy.

Consider this: Every communication from your company is you talking – to your prospects, customers, employees, stakeholders. Busy people. If you don’t capture their attention quickly, they’re gone. If they don’t get clear, quality information, they’re gone. And if they’re gone, they can’t act.

You only get a brief moment to capture your prospect’s attention. Don’t waste it.

I am an experienced advertising copywriter specializing in creating compelling copy that connects with your target audiences and moves them to take action.

  • Compelling Communications. You’ll find me focused on creating hard working ad copy that moves the reader to take action. Order a brochure. Visit a website. Buy your product. Whatever next step you’re looking for.
  • Cost-effective Service. You need great copywriting. To get that, you need a great copywriter. What you don’t need are the payroll, benefits, vacation time, and sick time of an extra employee. Or the monthly retainer of a complete agency. I bring the asset without the overhead.

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