Choose all three.

You need great copy – that’s a given. But you also need a project partner who understands that you run a business. A business that lives and dies on all the members of your team doing what needs to be done. Correctly. On time. Without drama.

I bring more than sixteen years of real world experience to the table, working as a business owner and manager, in B2B sales, and serving in a hospital marketing department before opening my copywriting firm.

I can talk all day about how I may be different from your past experiences, but no one says it better than my clients.

“Working with Robin is an absolute pleasure. I often have tight deadlines and he always delivers.”

“Nailing the assignment the first time makes my job easier.”

“Robin is easy to work with, grasps concepts quickly, and works very independently.”

“I often forget you’re not just down the hallway.”

And my favorite:

“Can you clone yourself??”

Send me the brief or put me in touch with the client and then forget about it, knowing you can count on me to deliver on-time and on-budget.


Call on me when you need professional results from an experienced copywriter for:

Website Copy
Case Studies
White Papers

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It’s my job to make your job easier. Here’s how:

∙ Your job is about reaching your organization’s goals – not being creative or cute. I deliver clear, concise copy focused on your target’s needs.

∙ You can count on first-class service: I respond to emails and phone calls quickly and keep regular office hours, just like you.

∙ I am a constant student of marketing, following news and trends weekly. Always learning, sharing that information with you, and bringing that knowledge to bear on your projects.

∙ We’re going to spend some time together at the beginning of each project, and you may get tired of my incessant questions, but my process helps me get it right the first time.

∙ Most important of all, I take a real interest in your success. Because your success is … well, you know.

I’m probably not just around the corner from you, but clients across the country have trusted me for solid copy and outstanding service since 2005.

Call (502) 655-0938 or contact me here.