I learned to love writing during a six-year stint in radio, creating commercials, public service announcements, and news and feature stories. I left radio – but the words never left me.

I discovered copywriting while serving in a small hospital PR department. And for the next two years immersed myself in learning the profession. With keyboard in hand, I began writing copy for businesses and agencies in 2005.

How I Help You

You have great stories to tell, but time and resources often work against getting projects completed. With copy and content expected to drive leads and sales, engage buyers, and boost brand awareness, you are under constant pressure to produce.

It’s my job to make your job easier. Here’s how:

∙ Your job is about reaching your organization’s goals – not being cute. I deliver clear, concise copy focused on your target’s needs.

∙ You need a partner, not another employee. Send me the brief or put me in touch with the client and then forget about it, knowing you can trust me to deliver on-time and on-budget.

∙ I bring real-world experience to the table, having worked in industrial management and sales and served in a hospital PR department.

∙ You can count on first-class service: I respond to emails and phone calls quickly and keep regular office hours, just like you.

∙ Most important of all, I take a real interest in your success. Because your success is … well, you know.

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